Fund Your Community

Created in 2016, Fund Your Community (“FYC”) connects you to CYC by allowing you to “adopt” a small business engagement. The program exists to provide small businesses with loans to actualize CYC engagement proposals, without requiring the small businesses to find other, potentially more onerous financing methods. The loans are always 0% interest. Your participation does not end at the loan. If you become a lender, then you become a member of the engagement team. The student consultants will host monthly update calls, answering your questions and using your input to help inform their decisions. We would love to have you on the team! The process is easy:


Create your account.

The first step involves you creating an FYC account. Simply select “Register” below and gives us a little bit of information about yourself. If you have not already, then you will have to download the Venmo payments app for Iphone or Android and provide your username. By creating an account, you can always check out new engagements and opportunities as they arise.


Check out the opportunities.

Select the “Small Business Directory” button above and check out the CYC engagements. You can search through our engagements, look at our consultants’ ideas, and then decide if you want to be a partner of that engagement.


Send money directly to the small business owner.

We will make this as seamless as possible for you by reminding you when and where to send the funds. Because CYC does not request or ask for any financial information from our lenders or borrowers, both parties will actually facilitate the lending program. We are your intermediary and will be by your side throughout your FYC journey.


Keep up with your investment and add your insight.

From the moment you lend to the small business owner, you are part of the engagement team. You will be able to join monthly conference calls where the CYC team will update you on progress. You will be able to participate in a conversation with the team about their ideas.

Fund Your Community Directory