Who We Are


About Us

Consult Your Community is a nationwide, student-run nonprofit organization that empowers America’s top undergraduate students to leverage their knowledge of business with their passion for service. Students engage with low-income and minority-owned small businesses over the course of a semester through an innovative program in which they are trained to provide business owners with comprehensive, pro bono consulting services (teams are advised by business school faculty, graduate student mentors, and experienced professionals from the top-tier consulting firms). Through this process, students gain hands-on business experience and develop skills that prepare them for their future careers, while business owners become empowered to foster their own economic independence and secure their future prosperity, both of which contribute directly to our nation’s economic development and long-term sustainability.

Consult Your Community was founded in February 2013 by a group of undergraduates from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Since our organization’s founding we have rapidly grown into a national organization: hundreds of students are working to launch 15 chapters in Fall 2013 at America’s top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, UVA, UNC, Notre Dame, Tulane, and Michigan; we were recently featured in The New York Times; and we are being supported by partners and executives from the America’s most prestigious financial services firms; business school faculty; and well-known government and civic leaders.
To sustain our nation’s competitive advantage in the coming economic era, we need to adopt innovative programs that effectively deliver support to the people and businesses that need it the most. By mobilizing America’s best and brightest students to provide personalized solutions to the fundamental challenges that affect low-income and minority-owned small businesses, we can do just that. We believe that the Consult Your Community experience will spark a lifelong commitment to supporting social responsibility, corporate citizenship, and impact entrepreneurship in every student who joins our program. Whether these incredibly sharp individuals remain in consulting or enter other areas of business or government or law, their experience in our organization will shape their values and ensure a better future for our communities, for our country, and for our world.

We focus on small businesses, which employ nearly 60% of the United States’ private workforce and of which only 50% live to see their 5th year.

Our Values


Help others help themselves.
We believe in giving our consultants and our clients the tools they need to create positive change today, and in the long-term.


Do ordinary things extraordinarily well.
We achieve excellence by constantly finding ways to make things better, both in and out of our organization.


Do what you say you’ll do.
We strive to always be truthful, reliable, and consistent in our actions, so our clients trust us to always deliver value.


Help make others the best they can possibly be.
Our culture fosters an environment that allows members to experiment and generate creative solutions.